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Beauty starts with great skin. The right foundation for your skin will make you look like you are not wearing any foundation at all. You will just achieve great natural look. The reason we apply foundation needs to be to even out the skin and make it look better than it did without it, not to cover the face with a thick layer that looks like mask. Even the strongest makeup should have a natural base. For me that’s the secret for a perfect makeup.

                                     Skin types

 One of the most important things to consider while choosing  foundation is the right formula for your skin and has a texture you like to use (liquid, powder etc.).

If your skin is dry or very-dry try to use a moisturizing liquid foundation or any foundation containing oils. For a very light coverage try tinted balms that will even out, plump and hydrate your skin.

For normal or combination skin types you can use many different formulas from liquid, creams or powders.  Best alternative to foundation is a tinted moisturizer.

For oily skin types choose an oil-free formula either liquid or cream. Try to avoid powders as the oily skin tends to change the color of the powder foundation makes it look darker and the texture looks more like a paste. (Unless the powder formula is created for oily skin types)

Tip: Sensitive skin is not a skin type but is very important to choose the correct formula for that skin condition. Make sure you try different formulas for your skin type and find the one that works better for you without irritating your skin.


Choosing the right shade

After you have decided what kind of foundation formula is good for you, you need to find the perfect shade. The right color for you is the color that blends completely with your skin. To find the best shade you need to test several different shades on the side of your face. The one that disappear on the skin is the correct shade. Do not test the foundation on the neck as the

 neck is most of the times lighter than the face. Make sure to match exactly the color of the face and use a matte bronzer to darken your neck if necessary. 

Tip: In case of a light discoloration on the face (lighter or darker areas on the skin) don’t try to lighter the darker areas, instead use a shade that is closer to the darker area to even out the skin and get a more natural finish. Sometimes the forehead is darker than the rest of the face. Make sure that the foundation shade matches the forehead’s color, that shade will work better for the whole face.


While choosing the right shade for your skin you need to always check the color in a natural light. Outside or close to a window is the best option. Do not use the same shade of foundation the whole year as the skin tends to change color during the seasons. Tip: Have one shade that matches your skin in the winter and a darker shade that you can mix to darken your lighter foundation as you getting darker through summer.



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